Thursday, September 25, 2014

{what i loved this week}

on instagram:  The perfect mix of edgy and feminine on this wedding dress.  My girl crush Erica Pelosini killing it as usual at Paris Fashion Week.  An glamorous outdoor birthday party from Bijou & Boheme.  A dreamy Paris breakfast.

on pinterest:  Love these mini eucalyptus trees as wedding centerpieces.  Sort of obsessed with this idea of a marble waterfall countertop mixed with a unfinished plywood.  

on the blogs:  The Hunted Interior's new living room inspiration is right up my alley- especially the rug which is surprisingly affordable!

on my wishlist:  This week's wishlist features two amazing bar options.  The Layla bar cart from Urban Outfitters is surprisingly affordable at only $149- makes me re-consider my statements about not wanting a bar cart in our place.  This leather upholstered bar from West Elm pretty much stopped me in my tracks- it is pretty pricey, but how amazing would this be in your home?!?

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