Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{trio of gourmet s'mores}

S'mores just might be one of my favorite throwback desserts from childhood, but they so rarely make an appearance now outside of camping trips (which are not a part of my life) and bonfires (which I wish were a bigger part of my life).   For the last post in my series with Pinnacle Vodka I got to watch a series of fun cocktail videos they recently created and their recipe using Whipped Cream flavored vodka to make a S'mores cocktail got me inspired to try out some alternative s'mores combos this past weekend (you can check out the fun video at the bottom of the post!).  I'm not a huge chocolate person so I decided to try making three different s'mores combos all without chocolate.   The whole set up of ingredients laid out in our kitchen before we started assembling the s'mores reminded me of the fun idea of creating a "s'mores bar" for a party like this one- you could even add a couple dessert cocktail options alongside the s'mores toppings using Pinnacle's flavored vodkas!

 {how fun would this tray be to bring out after a summer dinner}

{to make it easier to assemble/devour- I crumbled the pretzels in a ziploc bag before
adding them to the toppings tray} 

 {this was by far my favorite flavor combo- I even added a tiny sprinkle of finely ground black pepper to add a bit of kick. in the humble brag department I'll inform you that I grew that basil myself - it's really all about the small wins in life ya know?}

 {this simple combo was inspired by my all-time favorite street crepe flavor that I would find myself purchasing on our late nights in Paris- I would recommend not cutting the bananas like this, but rather cutting the banana on the bias to create longer pieces so they dont slip out of the s'mores set up - you can learn from my mistakes}

Check out this fun video that inspired this post with a S'mores cocktail recipe using Pinnacle's Whipped flavored vodka:

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  1. I'm dying over the subject of s'mores! I adore the act of creating them just as much as consuming them and you've upped the ante. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Natalie! I have been following your blog ever since I moved to LA from New York a few years ago and I love it! I am a Chicago girl, born and raised so seeing all of your adventures in my hometown was so fun too! I recently started a lifestyle blog (Videndae) with two of my best friends, one of whom lives in New York, the other in London. Today I shared this post with our readers in my Friday Link Love. You have an incredible knack for putting a remix on the simple classics and I am always left inspired (on that note: your hot dog recipes - SO good). Anyway, I hope you had a lovely week and if you would like to check out our link back to your post, check it out here!