Friday, February 28, 2014

{what i loved this week}

on instagram:  This care package Jamie King received from ABC reminded me just how excited I am for Scandal to return last night!  Amazing array of desert colors in these florals.  Oscar inspired cupcakes at Vanity Fair.  I just about lost my mind (along with everyone else in the stadium) when Rihanna made a surprise appearance on stage at Drake's concert in Paris. 

on pinterest: I happened across these beautiful and intriguing flowers on pinterest- thank god Chelsea helped me identify them!  I don't normally like prickly cactus, but these minis all clustered together are pretty great. 

in real life:  We are currently abroad the Eurostar en route to spend the weekend in London- I never thought I would be saying it, but I really enjoy traveling by train (especially now that most have wifi!) - this shot is from our ride back to Paris from Amsterdam.

on the blogs:  Isn't it funny how you discover something and then the means to recreate it just pop up on a blog or pinterest days later?  While enjoying my first Negroni cocktail in Florence, I was marveling at the dried citrus garnish and thinking about what the process to DIY something like might be- then Spoon Fork Bacon did a blog post all about it that following week!

on the internets:  I know when I worked in retail back in college we had some interesting code words for customers or situations so I thoroughly enjoyed getting a sneak peek into the secret language of NYC's bartenders

on my wishlist: This white lace shift dress and this dark floral swimsuit into my summer wardrobe please!

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