Friday, February 28, 2014

{friday cocktail: his & hers negroni}

About 10 years ago, Chris and I traveled all around Europe for 6 weeks one summer while we were in college.  Back then was the first time I ever tasted Campari when it was served to me in a Campari Soda on the blazing hot streets of Italy.  I absolutely hated it's bitter taste and steered clear of it up until our recent trip in Florence were I decided to give it a second try with a Negroni.  Much to my surprise I didn't hate it at all- in fact I enjoyed the taste of this bitter yet sweet cocktail so much that I might go as far as to say it's my new favorite drink!

Once we got back to Paris, we picked up the fixings for a Negroni so I could try mixing one up for myself. While researching what the exact proportions are for the recipe we discovered that there isn't really one perfect way to mix up this drink, but rather to tailor the proportions to your taste.  While I like the balance of equal parts of all ingredients, Chris prefers his to have a drier flavor, but both of us agree that this drink is best served over ice.   I thought it might be helpful to provide both recipes and you can decide for yourself what you prefer!


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