Monday, March 3, 2014

{monday morning with: ashley of sugar & cloth}

One of my go-to blogs for inventive yet easy DIY inspiration is Sugar & Cloth.  Ashley's DIY projects always seem super approachable yet the result is quite impressive (because really who wants a DIY project that looks like a 5th grader's class activity!?!).  Check out her fun interview below and then go starting pinning all the awesome projects from her blog immediately!

what's your drink of choice?
Coffee! Always coffee.

what's the most recent store you shopped at?
Modcloth. Bought the most amazing glittered oxfords!

do you have a signature scent? 
Marc Jacobs Daisy

what is the top item on your wishlist right now? 
Swedish Hasbeens, I just need to break down and buy them. They've been on my list for way too long!

what'd you do this past weekend?
I tend to travel for work a lot, so this past weekend was spent catching up on errands, laundry, and digging myself out of a mountain of emails. Of course, there was also a visit to the dine-in movie theater, haha. 

where are you or where would you like to travel to next? 
I would love to travel to Bali or Thailand! I've always found them both to be so intriguing and beautiful.

what are you currently reading?
I'm actually not currently reading any books. I've gotten really into entrepreneur magazines as weird as it sounds. I love reading Fast Company

favorite quote of the moment?
"You can do anything, but not everything." - David Allen

whats your new favorite blog discovery?
I love Snowdrop & Co.! She mostly just contributes to blogs so you don't hear much about her, but she's such a gem and crazy talented.

tell us a secret?
Though it may not show on my blog, I have a pretty terrible time with anxiety. I have to consistently remind myself to not take everything so seriously, and to not worry about things I can't change or have no control over.

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