Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{paris: week nine}

Settling back in to Paris last week after a fun 7 days of travel in Amsterdam & Florence, made for a bit of a slower week for us in the city.  We took a beautiful walking tour starting in the Montparnasse neighborhood (including their centuries old cemetery) winding through the Luxembourg gardens and ending with rewarding cocktails in the afternoon sunlight at a tiny cafe in the St. Germain.  I also took a little time to shop around the newly arrived spring clothes in stores in search of the perfect pieces to bring on our Morocco trip coming up in a few weeks.

On Friday, we hopped on an early morning Eurostar train to London to stay with with some friends and enjoy the UK for a few days.  We got lucky with the normally rainy weather and were able to spend a gorgeous Saturday walking around the outdoor markets (sampling British meat pies!) and drinking champagne served from a tap.  We ended the day by bouncing around between a few fun English pubs including one that was overflowing with kitchsy collectibles of the royal family and Princess Diana.

 {the fountains at Luxembourg Gardens}

 {Montparnasse cemetary}

 {adorable London streets in Primrose Hill neighborhood}


  1. Love all the weekly pictures from Paris! Really gives us a glimpse into this gorgeous, almost unreal city (and surrounding cities).

    ~Megan and Sydney (Sister Style)

  2. Hi Natalie!
    I'm going to France and Italy for a graduation present in late May. I don't want to stick out as an American tourist and want to blend in a little better. Any fashion/clothing tips you have for a Los Angeleno visiting in summer? I know it's a bit far time-wise, but i'm doing all of my prep shopping in the next month or so! Thanks!

    1. I would recommend lots of neutral colors that you can mix & match together as well as a great pair of walking shoes (dont bother packing heels as they wont really see any action)!! :) have fun!