Thursday, March 6, 2014

{party inspiration: cocktails & croquet}

Lately I have been daydreaming of warmer weather and all the fun outdoor activities it brings with it.  Roaming along the historic Paris streets and soaking in all the beaux arts details is truly inspiring, but it has also made me long for the bright pops of color more present in America.   After coming across a designer croquet set in a small boutique, I though what could be a more perfect party than throwing a "cocktails & croquet" themed get-together on a sunny spring afternoon!?!  I have a mild obsession with croquet (and cocktails for that matter!), forcing our friends into a game every time we are out in Palm Springs plus we even had a croquet set up during cocktail hour at our wedding!

Throwing a "cocktails & croquet" party would be as simple as whipping up a few batches of cocktails, purchasing a fun croquet set and heading to your local park (unless you are lucky enough to have a fabulous backyard!).   This email invite from Paperless Post would be perfect especially with a note asking guests to dress in "croquet whites" as well as requesting they bring along an easy snack dish to take some of the work off the hosts!  I would also pick up some striped napkins and tablecloths, this trophy vase for table decor, and of course a pack of lawn flamingos!  

Here's a little inspiration board I put together for this event and hopefully I can make it a reality on a sunny weekend once we return from Europe!


  1. Terrific party idea Natalie! Might try this out in 2014 with strawberry martinis. Interesting to read you long for bright pops of color more present here in America - that's a good thing, right? xo

  2. Love this party idea! I grew up playing croquet and still play croquet every Easter.

    ~megan (Sister Style)

  3. Such a fun idea!