Friday, October 3, 2014

{friday cocktail: penicillin}

Last weekend we attended a friend's wedding at the gorgeous Vibiana in downtown LA (really there is nothing better than rolling 4 blocks down the street to attend a wedding!).   The evening was simply beautiful and when I wasn't in the photobooth, I was consuming more than my fair share of the penicillin cocktails listed as one of the couple's signature drinks at the bar.  Not sure how I've missed this recipe up until now because it's the perfect mix of spicy/sweet/delicious and you will drink it in the same way you would quickly down a glass of water (hence this situation the next day).   This is the first time I have used fresh ginger in a cocktail (although we are no stranger to ginger beer around these parts) and I love how it adds a spicy medicinal flavor.  Be sure you know how to properly peel fresh ginger- see a tutorial here.


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