Friday, August 9, 2013

{what i loved this week}

on instagram:  After seeing these fabulous Zara heels on Ashleys instagram and in person on Ali's feet at our shoot, I finally pulled the trigger and picked some up for myself from Zara this week.  I don't know what changed around Target's party department, but over the past couple months they have been killing it especially with this new line of colorful everyday paper tableware!!  I did a major closet clean out and office room overall this past weekend- hopefully will reveal the final product on the blog soon.

on pinterest:  We received a Madeleine pan from our wedding registry and I still haven't used it once, but I would love to start with this interesting savory take on the classic cookies.  This recipe would be such a refreshing end to a grilled summer dinner plus there is gin in it so it can't be bad!

on the internets:  Talk about a throwback, Into The Gloss posted a great look back at The OC on its 10th anniversary.  Since I grew up in Orange County, I felt like I had to watch the show when it first started, but really I fell in love with it and watched every season religiously.  After reading Into The Gloss' post this week, I even went back and watched a few of my favorite first season episodes while putting together this post!

on the blogs: Little Green Notebook is by far my favorite shelter/home decor blog- mostly because she accomplishes amazing projects all on her own and makes it look so easy!  Jenny just moved into a new home so her blog has been full of great renovation inspiration over the past couple weeks.

on my wishlist:  This little butler table from World Market would be perfect for a whole host of little spaces in our place.  I am almost positive these gold rimmed cocktail coupes were created specifically for me and I think need to order a set right away!


  1. I have been hunting for gold rimmed coupes for FOREVER! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love all your ideas/inspiration! After reading your post today, I purchased (4) 1930's champagne coupes that I have been swooning over and realize I now need a madeleine pan. Oh crap, but please don't stop sharing your charming ideas...I am a mom of 2 young girls and I adore staying connected to swanky socials. Cheers to the weekend and a fabulous cocktail!

  3. ohh the OC! love it and miss that show! love this list!
    Helene in Between

  4. Love the tray at World Market. If you're buying it, will you let me know how it comes packaged. I know that sounds random. I would LOVE to take it back home (to ireland) so wondering if I could pull it off with my carry on :)