Friday, August 9, 2013

{friday cocktail: east of eden}

Proof to how much I love my new cocktail book, this Friday's recipe is another fabulous recipe from it's pages.  I altered the name slightly as I used lime juice instead of lemon- although I do think the difference is probably not noticeable.  The only other cocktail I have ever had with an absinthe rinse is a Sazerac and I have always loved how aromatic the rinse makes the glass.  I was intrigued to try it with a Gin cocktail and the Eden Park cocktail in Craft Cocktails seemed right up my alley.  This recipe is definitely more on the herbal side as the flavor from the Tarragon is strong, but not overwhelming when partnered with the Green Chartreuse and Demerara Syrup.

{absinthe rinse}


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