Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{new sofa console table}

A couple months ago, we purchased the Malm Occasional table from Ikea intending to use it under our wall-mounted TV in our new living room set up, but once we placed it there we decided it looked absolutely horrible and not how we envisioned.  Since the table wasn't that pricey and was already put together, we opted to try it out in other spaces in our place rather than hike it all the way back to Ikea (which is quite the trek from our place!).  It lived in our guest room/office for a while, but a few weeks back I tried it out behind our large sofa and absolutely loved the result! The reason that behind the sofa wasn't the next place it went to once it didn't work in our initial vision was that I was concerned it would cramp the feeling of the room, but after living with it for a little while I felt that the ability to have a place to display some items and give guests and additional spot for their drinks to rest was worth the loss in space (about 14 inches).

The best part about this table is that it is so versatile in different spaces so I know that it will have a home even in future apartment set-ups. I particularly love when its more visible as a sofa table like in this space plus it doubles beautifully as a party table!

 {read all about our gold coffee table here & our bar makeover right here}

{muji clearly loves it}


  1. Looks fantastic! (And ALL THOSE ROSES!!!)

  2. Ahh Ikea wins again! Looks beautiful, love that it offers additional place to display little details :)

    Clothed in Confetti

  3. Loving this! That room is looking great!! xo Kristin

  4. how many things can i list that i love about this room? a lot.. so let's just say its gorgeous. now i want black curtains. and are those spray roses? i feel like every time i buy them they die in about 2 days... so pretty but so frustrating!

  5. I love how this looks! And that arrangement is gorgeous.

  6. I absolutely love your living room darling, you really inspired me to make mine similar to yours and I can't thank you enough for that, the whole family loves it!