Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{new additions}

It's been a while since I did a little new additions round up on the blog and I have some fun things to share that I have picked up recently (in addition to yesterday's feature on our new piece of furniture!):

 {Over the past year or so I have purchased about 3 or 4 of this same case and while I do still love it- it was time for a change (maybe something not plastic that I end up breaking every 3 months!) and when I came across this new J. Crew case on sale this past weekend I knew I had to go for it! I actually like the Iphone5 colorway even better!}

{I have a weird obsession with rare or unusual pieces of vintage Gucci & Louis Vuitton (like this garment bag or this clutch). After I purchased my new Macbook almost 6 months ago, I started scouring eBay for a vintage blue Gucci portfolio shaped bag to use as a laptop case and one finally popped up last week! You can find a similar one here or here

 {This summer, I have been determined to finally figure out a set-up that I like for my office (you can see the previous set up here, but I have since decided that wasn't working for me!).  I picked up a few accessories for my desk recently including this gold frame from Target & a vintage hobnail milk glass candy jar}

 {all three of these new additions to my shoe closet were major sale scores- the two on the left were both from the last days of the Zara sale ($29 each! can you believe that?!?!)}

 {I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin's a while back after searching for them on eBay for years (not exaggerating.)  While a lot of people think that Louboutins aren't comfortable, I beg to differ and think that these which are the "Declic" cut are the most attractive and comfortable cut he has.  Ever since I bought the first pair, I have been patiently waiting for another pair to pop up on eBay in my size/desired colors.  These dove grey suede beauties turned up a few weeks ago and I thought they would make for a more traditional compliment to my first pair!}

 {I have been coveting J. Crew'w tassel necklace from this season, but I ended up I picking up this similar version from Akira}


  1. Love your chic decorating style! Also thanks for the site for the tassel necklace, I have had my eye on the J Crew one for a while myself but can't see spending the money. Great blog - new reader!

  2. Hi! I'm a fellow Chicagoan who loves your blog! Would you mind sharing what eBay seller you found your shoes from? It's so hard to discern authentics from fakes. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katie,

      I bought them from a seller called "Shop Lindas Stuff"- she has been on ebay for years and I have actually purchased a Chloe bag from her in the past. She does not sell fakes and also offers returns on all merchandise! :)

      Hope that helps!


  3. you are the ebay QUEEN. i am so intimidated by ebay and am super afraid of fakes... maybe i'll check out that shop!