Friday, August 2, 2013

{friday cocktail: fresa brava}

Over the past couple years, we have build up a pretty strong collection of cocktail and bar books.  Our mini libation library hides inside of our bar console and includes my favorite one, a fabulous vintage one and my go to recommendation for those just starting out with their home bar.   I recently added Craft Cocktails to our line up which is the new addition from Assouline that comes as a follow up to their original Vintage Cocktails book.  Both have the same format of a fabulous handwritten recipe alongside gorgeous full page imagery of the corresponding cocktail.  Every single cocktail in this book sounds amazing, but I opted to try out one that I had all ingredients on hand in my kitchen (the recipes in this book are pretty advanced in the ingredients department so most will require a trip to a specialty store or Amazon.)  

The cocktail I made is the Fresa Brava and it has a great complex flavor of sweet fresh berries mixed with the herbal infusion of the Chartreuse- plus a little spice from jalapeños never hurt anyone.  I actually cheated a little bit on this one since I didn't I have jalapeño infused tequila and simply muddled in a few jalapeño slices to the cocktail. 


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