Friday, September 7, 2012

{perfect little entry table}

Lucky for us, most of the furniture we already owned (and trucked 2000 miles across the country) translated really well into our new place.  The one thing that didn't work was a our previous entry way table which was just too wide for our entryway here.  Even though our entry here has an enormous coat closet, I still felt the area needed a little table to catch all the odds and ends.  I thought for sure I would have found one at the flea markets or thrift stores here, but tables that are less than 11 inches wide seem to be hard to come by. 

I was surprised to find this great table at World Market since I don't think I have ever looked at furniture there in a serious way.  Maybe I had just missed it on past trips there, but World Market has seriously stepped it up in their furniture department.  I found myself wanting to figure out a space for multiple things there; like this amazing industrial console table or this chic laptop stand.  The entry table I did take home works perfectly alongside the coat hooks as you walk through our front door.  The slim profile is exactly what I needed for this space and the simple design of the table is sure to lend itself well in whatever future spaces we find ourselves in. 

{i realize now looking at this photo that having a jar with lollipops in it is a little bit doctors office-esque, but whatever- people like candy}

{one of Chris' aunts gave him this picture of his dad framed with the along with the insightful words for his high school graduation.  We have always found it inspiring and it generally finds a home near the front door of our place so it can be a reminder to live every day to its fullest}


  1. i totally agree that WM has stepped it up - i hated every nightstand i saw when i was looking a few months ago, but fell in love with these! got a great deal on them too - 180 for two!

  2. Super cute! I love perusing the furniture at WM, although it seems hit or miss depending on the season. We have an accent table from there ( and we love it!