Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{mango, black bean & coconut tacos}

Since moving to Chicago we have had lots of things to distract us from getting too homesick; we have gotten to spend some time off work decorating our place, went on an insane vacation with 20 new friends in the Dominican Republic and have met countless other amazing people who have all moved here for Kellogg.  Regardless of all the fun distractions, I have definitely missed our regular visits to Malo and Mas Malo for their amazing tacos (especially dollar taco night). When I came across this recipe for mango and black bean tacos, I knew it would be just the thing to give us a little reminder of LA.  Even though Malo sticks to the more traditional taco recipes, the sound of the coconut cream sauce on these tacos was too much to ignore.  

The prep time on these tacos was incredibly fast and the end result was a spicy and sweet taco filled with complex flavors from the mixture of jalapenos, mango and coconut.  These would be even better with a carne asada or some soy-rizo.  The coconut sauce alone is something I would love to experiment with drizzled onto other dishes and as a side note the recipe I referenced for this dish yields A TON of the coconut sauce so unless you do intend to use it for other dishes I would recommend cutting it by at least half.



  1. YUM!!! Such a good idea. definitely going to try these ASAP.

  2. You MUST try out Big Star in Wicker Park now that you live in Chicago!! BEST tacos and margarita's.

  3. the appetizers looked delicious, do you put an almond inside the bacon wrapped dates?

    1. No I generally don't fill the dates with anything, but I have seen recipes that fill them with goat cheese or chorizo which sound awesome! :)