Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{quick and easy hostess gift}

I was always told not to show up empty handed when someone invites you over for dinner; and like most people, our go-to hostess gift is usually a bottle of wine or an interesting whiskey.   It's certainly a hostess gift we don't mind receiving ourselves, but sometimes you want to do a little bit extra for those inviting you into their home.  I picked up these drink stirrers the other day as a simple addition to our bar and it occurred to me that given a little effort they could make a great hostess gift!

Drink stirrers have quickly become one of those things that is almost mandatory at weddings and parties.  Usually made with just a simple bamboo skewer, cut to length and adorned with a colorful flag of sorts.  While you could create this gift for someone using the regular bamboo skewers, I feel that these unique cocktail sticks elevate the stirrer to something a little more special- plus they have a sort of awesome preppy vibe.  I quickly typed up "cheers" in a few of my favorite fonts and then hot glued the cardstock flags onto the colorful array of sticks.  Topped off with a simple gift tag and these will make for a cute hostess gift your friends wont forget.

Click here to download the file I used to create these flags.  These flags are also now available for purchase in my Etsy shop right here!

Another option if you are really pressed for time, is to make the flags blank so that they can be used as-is or written on as drink markers.


  1. What a cute idea! I've been following your blog for awhile now and always love the ideas you have for entertaining. Your wedding was beautiful by the way!

  2. Such a cute and fun idea, either as a gift or for hosting your own party. Love it. AND...that MR glass is insane. I need it.

  3. Cute! Such a great idea, definitely will be trying this the next time we're heading to a dinner party. Much more fun than the average bottle of wine, which is what I normally bring.