Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{engagement party inspiration}

Next month some of my friends and I will be throwing a little engagement party for newly engaged couple, Jeff & Katie.  Kay & I got to work brainstorming the decor/theme about three seconds after the idea of hosting a party was presented to us.  After throwing around a few ideas for the color scheme, we decided on following Amanda's lead with a darker more modern color scheme that while it includes pink wouldn't get too girly.   Somehow despite my undying love for all things Confetti System, I have never actually made it in a big way to decorate a party so there is definitely plans for some of that along with a big balloon statement, mini floral arrangements, cocktails and of course- champagne!  Here is a little inspiration board I put together for the upcoming festivities:

You can follow the pinterest board for this party here and be sure to check back in a few weeks for a run down on the party!

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  1. Looove your color scheme! Gotta love a champagne, balloon and confetti party! Here's my version (with art inspiration from YOU!)...