Friday, June 22, 2012

{friday cocktail: party-sized agua fresca}

We spent this past weekend at Chris' vacation home in Palm Springs relaxing by the pool with friends.  Since there was a pretty big group of us going out there, we decided it would be best to make a large batch of something refreshing (and alcoholic) for people to drink throughout the day.  After looking through a few agua fresca recipes to get an idea of the basic proportions, Chris and I ended up just winging it with this recipe and it turned out perfectly.   The watermelon is light and refreshing, but the ginger and basil really add a punch of flavor that elevates this fresca from just a simple squeezed juice.  Here is our party sized recipe which was more than enough to serve 13 people throughout a day by the pool:


  1. this looks delish! perfect for a 4th of july get-together! what exactly is honey syrup though?

    1. Hi Melanie

      Honey syrup is made by heating equals parts of honey and water until the honey is dissolved. The easiest way to do it is in the microwave, but you can also do it on the stove top. It doesn't need to boil - just heat until its combined!

      here is another great cocktail recipe you can use it in: