Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{new wall decor}

A couple weeks ago Chris' sister surprised us with an early wedding gift from our registry.  She gave us the white resin deer and moose from ZGallerie!!  (As a side story- Chris' parents actually thought it was a mistake when his sister told them what she bought for us because they were confused why we had registered for taxidermy.)  We have wanted these for a long time and always thought they would look wonderful on each side of our bed.  Since our walls are bright white, we picked up some pre-cut unfinished wood "shields" from Michaels Crafts and stained them with a dark Varathane wood stain.  

I apologize for the poor quality of these photos; the darkness in our room plus the white animals on white walls make these very difficult to photograph!


  1. What a great idea! The dark wood shields provide a nice contrast to all the white. I have the massive z gallerie dear head above my desk and no matter what people say, I love it!! The white lacquer keeps it fun without being too "masculine" and looks great on both sides of the bed. Bravo!!

  2. They look awesome! Cute idea to put them on either side of the bed. I'm trying to figure out which stores we'll register at for our wedding in June. Any suggestions? I didn't think about ZGallerie.


  3. Hi! I love these!! I was hoping you could tell me the size of the plaques? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Andreina,

    I am not sure the exact size, but they are about 10 inches long. I purchased them at Micheal's Craft Store.

  5. thanks Natalie!!! I'm having the heads shipped to a different place and wanted to get started on staining the plaques ;)

  6. Hi Natalie, it's me again!. We are getting ready to hang these but not sure what the best way is and we are concerned about the weight. How did you attach the head to the plaque and the plaque to the wall?. I want to make sure I have no deer falling on heads of my guests! LOL