Sunday, November 27, 2011

{diy christmas ornament garland}

During the after christmas sales last year, my mom  picked up a bunch of gold ornaments which we intended to make ornament wreaths out of (like this). But then, I came across this image on Pinterest and I knew it would be an even better project for the ornaments.  While I still love the wreath idea, the diy ornament garland fits in our loft since most people in our building don't do a lot of decorating on their hallway doors.  This project was surprisingly easy. You will barely even need to pay attention to what you are doing (in fact, I completed these two garlands in about 30 minutes while watching a movie).  What really makes this project look good is making sure that you have a variety of ornament sizes and textures.  I would suggest at least three different sizes of ornaments and two to three different textures like glitter, metallic, frosted, etc.

What you need:
  • 30 to 40 large ornaments (3" to 4" diameter)
  • 30 medium ornaments (2" diameters)
  • 20 to 30 small ornaments (1" ornaments)
  • 1/2 wide ribbon
Simply string ornaments onto the ribbon in a random pattern of the different sizes. As you push the ornaments closer together they will begin to form the "cluster" look.  Continue placing ornaments until you achieve the desired length.


  1. What an amazing and creative craft project! I love this! I'm thinking about trying a ornament wreath this year.

  2. Those are so cute and I love how you hung them :)


  3. I made my own version of this last night and it turned out amazing! I uploaded a picture collage, with a couple pictures from this blog, to show the what it was supposed to look like and how mine turned out. It was simple, fun, and extremely easy!