Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{some new additions}

Last weekend we picked up a few fun things for our place, the most exciting of which was the Smart Marble C-Table from CB2. I absolutely love the clean look of marble, we even briefly considering pricing it out to use for the top our kitchen island. This table is so affordable for how it looks and I love that you can also slide it over the couch for a middle of the couch tabletop perfect for a glass of wine or your laptop. Sidenote: how desperate does that couch look for throw pillows!?!? Don't worry though- I'm workin on it!

We also picked up two of these white porcelain berry colanders from Crate & Barrel. I have been coveting the bone china farmer's market baskets from Jayson Home forever (here), but could never justify the steep price. These berry colanders from Crate & Barrel are practically free at $5.95 each!  So I bought two- naturally. I also picked up one of CB2's flat iron creamers for only $1.50 which is going to make weekend coffee much more fun!


  1. do i spy an arc wine glass from cb2? love it, and adore the berry colanders.

  2. Kristen- good eye. That is the smaller of the two CB2 Arc wine glasses!

  3. i LOVE those berry colanders! i've been wanting them for so long but decided to go an alternate route. we bought some fresh strawberries last weekend that came in the green plastic kind, i'm going to paint them up and have my cheap version, ha:) stil debating on whether i should do the classic off white or a bright pop color!

  4. Hi Lauren- Perhaps you should try gold in prep for your engagement party!! although- be careful, gold spray paint can be finicky.

  5. Love the couch and the addition of the marble side-table. I am very impressed that your Boston held still long enough for a picture, next to a glass of wine no less! Ours are so spastic that the wine would have been knocked over and a hole would have been burrowed into the sofa!

    Can't wait to see the throw pillows, I am sure they will pop against the dark color of the couch.

  6. Great buys! That table is so perfect.

    Tanya from