Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{chevron rug: blue v. grey}

 Ever since we moved, I have been on the hunt of an affordable chevron print rug for our bedroom. Finally, Urban Outfitters stepped up to the plate with their printed chevron rug for only $69 for a 5x7 (you can find a similar rug here).  I was having a really hard time choosing among the colors, so we purchased two of each the grey and the blue (also colors can be so deceiving online) with the intention to return whichever color we did not like. The goal was to take two of the rugs and put them side by side to create a 10x14 rug for only $140!!! That idea was too good to be true as I soon discovered when I received the rugs that the printed chevron stripes do not match up. The picture below is the best combination of two rugs side by side and the print is still an inch off and a bit wonky!

So now I am stuck with the decision to either go with the blue and live with the one inch difference between the two rugs or only use one 5x7 rug under the bed and choose between blue or grey...

The grey seems much more versatile in the long run if I ever want to move the rug to a new location. And the color lends itself well to other changes we might make in the room like painting the walls or getting new bedding.

The blue is just so pretty and has a lot more of "pop" against the travertine floor, but I am afraid I won't like the color sometime in the near future.

Decisions, decisions...


  1. I definitely like the grey rug better :)

  2. Alison- So far that has been the feedback I have heard from everyone else and that is what we have been leaning towards!

    Ill have to figure out another way to bring a bit more color into the room!

  3. Oh no... I would totally choose the blue! It is a pop of color but still neutral enough to add other colors later on. Very smart idea buying 2 rugs to make one... I have done that in the past and it always seems to be more budget friendly than buying one huge rug. If you didn't match up the patterns would you even notice it under your bed?

    Good luck deciding!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  4. Tiffany- The photos I posted are only one under the bed- I REALLY want to make using two of them work but the pattern gets messed up right down the middle :( So although its not visible under the bed- it is very visible right in front

    Although a friend of mine just suggested that I have the rug cut and then re-finished so that they match up. But who know how much cost that might add!

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  6. They're both cute, but the grey is so classic and versatile!

  7. What did you decide? I missed out on the blue chevron - sold out on urban outfitters. I'd buy yours if you chose to go with the grey. Both look great in your space!