Monday, May 9, 2011

{mother's day}

For mother's day this year, Chris and I went over to Moskatel's to pick up some faux succulents to make a succulent terrarium like the real one we already own (you can see it here). Since this was for Chris' mother, I made sure that he did all the work. I still cant get over how great and life-like these faux succulents look. We finished the terrarium with some construction paper flags typed with a mother's day message to make it more festive.

While we were down in the flower district at Moskatel's, I also picked up two bunches of pastel colored stock in a soft lilac color and a sorbet-like peach. I mixed the two colors together for a nice spring bouquet for our entryway.  

I would also like to say a very Happy Mother's Day to my own wonderful and beautiful mother who has taught me all I know about flowers, succulents, baking, diy projects and life in general. I love you MOM!


  1. Flowers are the best gift + those tags are adorable!!!

  2. You are the best children anyone could ever ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love the flower bowl