Friday, May 6, 2011

{friday cocktail: blackberry caipirinha}

This past weekend felt like so much like summer and after some hard work lounging in the sun, our friend Josh made us some Blackberry Caipirinhas. Caipirinhas are Brazil's national cocktail and you can see the recipe for an original one here, but I promise you will enjoy our Blackberry version much more:



  1. Love the Friday cocktail feature! Easter weekend I went to BevMo and procured myself some buffalo trace burbon and St. Germain, looks like I will be taking another trip to pick up some cachaca! Can't wait.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Emilie!

    St. Germain is so wonderful! Isn't the bottle just lovely? Did yours come with the cute little booklet with the recipes in it?

    One of my favorite things to make with St Germain is 1/2 ounce of St Germain in a champagne flute and then top with champagne. Its simple and sweet.