Friday, October 24, 2014

{friday cocktail: la vie en rose}

I love the process of making a really complicated cocktail- whether it's something that takes multiple errands to find the right ingredients or something that takes a significant amount of prep to prepare.   But then there are many times when I want to enjoy a drink without having to keep a pantry stocked with fresh citrus and flavored syrups.  Enter this Friday's cocktail, La Vie En Rose, which takes all of 1 minute to make and the hardest part of this recipe is having a bottle of chilled champagne at the ready.  Another amazing thing about this recipe is that it utilizes St Germain perfectly and by that I mean to say that I have gotten a bit burned out on St Germain lately (it seems like it's on every cocktail menu and it can be overly sweet), but this recipe had me putting it back front and center on our bar.   Ok would think I was being paid to pimp this cocktail with how much I'm singing it's praises- the bottom line is its flavorful, delicious and includes champagne- nuff said.


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  1. This sounds beyond sublime! Can't wait to give it a go.