Friday, October 31, 2014

{friday cocktail: doc daneeka royale}

The new Death & Co Cocktail book just strolled into our place and claimed its spot as my all time favorite cocktail book.  It's not only filled with tons of inspiring cocktail recipes, but also intriguing behind the scenes stories at the NYC bar, chapters dedicated to understanding how to truly craft the perfect cocktail including building your bar and troubleshooting, and even an entire 5 or 6 pages dedicated to cocktail garnishes.  Most of these cocktails require a little shopping to get the right ingredients so the first cocktail I decided to try out of the book was based solely on having all the ingredients on hand (doesn't hurt that it's a sparkling cocktail as well!).  I love how this recipe is a take on one of my favorite champagne cocktails, a French 75, but with more emphasis on the gin.  This light and refreshing recipe is a great drink to greet guests with upon arrival at your place.

And if you don't order this book for yourself ASAP then you are doing it wrong....


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