Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{late summer florals with protea blooms}

I have been wanting to create an arrangement using protea flowers for some time now, but they have such a unique look that I always end leaving them behind for easier to work with flowers.  On a trip to the flower mart this past Saturday, I passed a stall with pink protea on sale for a $1 a stem and couldn't pass up the chance to experiment with them.  For a more glam touch, I used a low profile gold ceramic vase and paired the protea with some more organic and wild feeling flowers like deep purple clover, wax flower and cream hypernicum berry.   I don't know what kept me away from these interesting blooms for so long, but I'll definitely be using them in arrangements much more in the future especially since they provide a lot of look for a low price! 


  1. I love the arrangement and the sneak peak of your living room! :)

  2. Gorgeous arrangement, proteas are the best!! Seeing them makes me miss home (I'm from South Africa just like them!).