Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{shopping for a pair of prints}

This past weekend, we worked on getting all the art up on to our walls (including the indecision I was having over the Slim Aarons prints here).  Even though some of our art doesn't have a space and will go into storage for the next couple years, we also need to purchase a few new pieces.  The biggest space I'm shopping for right now is behind our sofa.  We will be using this sofa table again and directly behind it is an eyesore in the form of a metal grate that covers an air conditioning unit.  I decided to cover it with two large layered frames and now have begun to shop for two prints or photographs that would work well next to each other.  Here's some pairings that are currently inspiring me:

Which pair do you prefer?  Do you have a great resource for inexpensive but large art prints or photos?  


  1. i say make your own. you took so many beautiful photos in morocco....

  2. The floral prints are TDF! I have the one on the left myself and just adore it.

  3. I love #3, very California chic :) I don't have any printing secrets, but I did fall in love with these beautiful pictures printed on aluminum when I was in New Orleans, have you ever seen that? It just adds an interesting dimension to pretty pictures!