Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{girls night in with Pinnacle Vodka}

Two years ago I was introduced to watching The Bachelor with a group of girlfriends as we rotated watching at each others houses every week.  At first I was in this get-together more for the wine and gossip since I was 100% skeptical of the cheesy show, but now I am full on convert obsessed with watching as the contestants compete for love (I'm really not kidding- my excitement to watch the finale last night was disturbing.)  Today I'm sharing with you my go-to entertaining set up for a girls night tv viewing party.  This formula of a batch cocktail, easy appetizers and light snacks is my go to for week night get togethers where you don't have a ton of time to prep.

Obviously you could serve wine to make it even easier on yourself, but batch cocktails only take a few more minutes to prep and they make the evening a lot more fun.  Plus guests are able to serve themselves so that as the host you can enjoy the evening as well!  For this recipe, I have modified one of my favorite girly cocktails, Maiden's Blush, into a party size recipe to serve 10 using Pinnacle Vodka and adding a champagne float.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for full recipe!

As for snacks, I always have a stockpile of spiced cashews, almonds or pistachios which I fill on a vintage tray with and set it on our coffee table for guests to graze on after the appetizers are finished.  My favorite appetizer is a good crostini recipe that tastes just as good when it is freshly toasted as it does once it has cooled after guests actually arrive.  You can see some past crostini recipes here, here and here, but for this one I keep it simple with a light spread of ricotta cheese, a tiny spoonful of ready-made pesto and top with freshly cut cherry tomatoes as well as a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  The pesto is what really brings the flavor in this crostini recipe so you could really substitute the ricotta and tomatoes for other fresh items you might have available such as goat cheese or fresh basil.


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  1. Festive, fun and looks relatively simple! Thanks for sharing!