Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{dtla loft rooftop deck before & after}

Do you guys remember the inspiration board I put together for the outdoor deck space in our new loft?  Well I'm not going to lie to you, but I think I pretty much nailed it.  I am so obsessed with how this deck turned out and am super excited to finally be sharing before and after results with you today.  Our moving truck was over a week and half late coming out from Chicago which was incredibly annoying, but also somewhat of a blessing since it allowed us lots of time to focus on sourcing, buying, assembling and planting all the stuff for our deck!!

The roof deck area is about 750 square feet which is a lot of space to cover considering the only piece of outdoor furniture we were coming into this space with was a coffee table.  The biggest concern of mine going into this was how to fill the space so it feels complete, but enough free space for us to throw big parties while still having an intimate feeling for smaller gatherings.  Some of the mandatory items were a large cabana for shade and privatization, a dining table big enough for 8 people, chaise lounges of some sort and a social game situation (all while trying not to spend a million dollars on this project!).  I have been mildly obsessed with Z Gallerie's Portofino Pavilion for years now and my parents bought it for us as a housewarming gift.  Since the pavilion is such a statement piece, I based the design of the rest of the deck around it.  The other "splurge" item on the deck was the outdoor sectional that sits under the pavilion which was a lucky Craigslist find.  Besides those two items we found most of the deck furnishings at Target, Ikea and Craigslist which helped keep the entire project budget friendly.  You can see all the sources for the items on the deck at the bottom of the post.

Similar to our last loft's deck, we planted mostly succulents here since they are so low maintenance and thrive in the California heat.  I did want to bring in some greenery besides succulents to give the space a more lush feel so we also picked up a small ficus and a palm tree at Home Depot as well as a few Italian Cypresses, a dwarf Eureka lemon tree and a 10 foot ficus from different sellers on Craigslist.  Just as a random tip- if you have the time the drive around, Craigslist is a great source for plants/trees since you get a great deal and the plants are already acclimated with mature root structures so you have less chance of killing them!

I apologize in advance for how picture heavy this post is, but I just couldn't narrow it down any more than this!!

 {I'll let you in on a little secret- for this hanging planter I opted to use faux succulents so that I wouldn't have to deal with the maintenance of watering it and having it drain onto our side table}

{I am so happy with how these DIY lights turned out for inside the cabana- especially since the decorative orbs were on sale for $15 each at Target!} 

{this amazing ceramic swan planter is actually from Chris' late grandmother's house and it definitely is our most treasured possession on the entire deck} 

 {the succulent on the left was actually on our old dtla deck two years and we planted it at Chris' parents house so they could babysit it for us for the past two years.  It really grew like crazy- have you ever seen one flower so much!?!}

 {dogs gotta get fancy too.}

 {As I mentioned, one of the mandatory items for the space was some sort of social game situation.  After spending some time on craigslist, I fell in the love with the idea of buying an outdoor pool table that someone was selling, but it unfortunately wasn't going to fit in the tiny elevators of our historic building.  The next best thing was inspired by a dive bar we sometimes find ourselves at that has a shuffleboard table so I started searching around for one.  Craigslist once again came to the rescue with a 9 foot long shuffleboard table (the limit of what could fit in the elevators) and
we scooped it up right away!}


Striped Cabana: Zgallerie
Outdoor Sectional: Craigslist (brand is Terra Collection)
Throw Pillows: Custom upholstery at D&R Upholstery in Los Angeles, Palm Fabric from here, black sunbrella and black/white printed fabric from Michael Levine
Coffee Table: Wedding Gift from this post
White side Table: Nate Berkus from Target
Rug in Cabana: Mali Geometric in Black/Cream from Target
Lighting in Cabana:  Decorative Orbs from Target fitted with lantern chords from Home Depot
Macrame Holder: Macrame holder & gold bowl insert from CB2
Lanterns: Lanterns in various sizes + LED Candles with Remote from Pier 1
Various White Planters: Target, Home Depot, Michael's Crafts (many have been spray painted white)
Dog Bed: Home Goods fitted with custom upholstered cover from D&R Upholstery in Tommy Bahama Palm Fabric
Black Trash Cans: Two sizes from Ikea
Wood Bar Cart: Applaro Collection from Ikea
Dining Table: Applaro Collection from Ikea
Dining Chairs: Tabouret Chairs sold in sets of 4 from Overstock
Rug under Chaises: Durham Rectangular rug from Target
Chaise Lounges: Applaro Collection from  Ikea
Chaise Cushions: Pottery Barn
Chaise Throw Pillows: Ikea
Serape Blankets: Amazon
Garden Stool: Target
Umbrella: Stand + Sand colored umbrella from Pier1
Bistro Lights:  5 packs of clear globe lights from Target
Entrance Decking tiles: 3 packs of Runnen decking tiles from Ikea
Shuffleboard table: Craigslist, similar here
Fencing Panels:  Redwood panels from Home Depot


  1. My jaw dropped when I scrolled down to these after photos, simply amazing! It honestly looks like a resort, are you taking any visitors? ;) Such great work, congratulations on such a beautiful space Natalie!

    Jenna l Clothed in Confetti

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    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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    Kailani from

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