Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{last items on my chicago bucket list}

On Monday the movers arrive at our place (I haven't packed one box yet!) and 7 days from now we hop on a plane to officially move back to Los Angeles!  I feel pretty good about all the fun Chicago-centric activities we did in our two years living here (especially loved the totally touristy Architecture River Tour and a trip to Hot Dougs).  This next week is going to be filled with the madness of packing up our place as well as a bunch of fun events for Chris' graduation, but I am hoping to squeeze in the last couple things on our Chicago bucket list:

1. The few times I have had Chicago deep dish pizza while living here have failed to win over my heart from my long favored thin crust varieties, but our friends have claimed to know a place that will change my mind so hopefully we can see if the hype lives up!

2.  The Aviary has been a destination I have wanted to have cocktails at since our first day in this city, but somehow we never made it there until now!  I am giddy like a child thinking about reservation this weekend for their 5-course cocktail & food tasting menu!

3.  Even though we are headed back to the beautiful beaches of the west coast, I would love to spend a beach day at Chicago's North Ave beach just once before we leave- hopefully the weather cooperates this weekend!!


  1. I saw the Aviary featured on Esquire's 50 greatest bars in America. Please post about your experience there!! It is on my list of places to visit if I ever make it to Chicago.

  2. Pequods is the only deep dish that I've been sold on so far!