Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{watermelon goat cheese bites}

Today's super easy appetizer recipe is my favorite kind of recipe.  Is there cheese in it? Yes- creamy goat cheese that happens to be one of my favorites.  Does it look super impressive like it took you all day long to put together and makes people wonder if you moonlight at a fancy catering company in your free time, but really it takes about 15 minutes total?  Absolutely.  Plus it's a mini serving that can be consumed in one bite without a mess!

I recently picked up a a set of circle cutters from Sur La Table hoping they would inspire a variety of dishes, but up until now I have only used the largest size once to arrange a salad.  When I spotted this adorable appetizer of watermelon cylinders topped with goat cheese and garnished with a crisp cucumber I knew it was my chance to break out some unused kitchen gadgets!  Read below for recipe and instructions then proceed to impress people when you roll up to a casual BBQ with this masterpiece of a potluck dish.

 {this little set up is the best trick for filling a pastry bag.  simply place the bag in a tall glass and fold the top over the sides of the glass. fill the bag then fold back the top to avoid a big mess!}

 {piping the cheese onto the watermelon slices is what makes this dish look so impressive- you can certainly just spoon out the mixture, but the effect just wont be the same, although let's be honest -the cheese tastes great either way}

what you need:
  1. Cut watermelon in 1 inch wide round slices, then punch out circles using cylinder cutter.  Place directly on serving tray.
  2. Mix together goat cheese and cream until combined into a smooth texture. 
  3. Transfer cheese mixture to a pastry piping bag with desired tip attachment - I used a star tip for this one. 
  4. Pipe about 1 tablespoon of cheese onto each watermelon slice.
  5. Garnish with a small cucumber slice.
  6. Serve immediately or store in refrigerator for a few hours before. 


  1. These are too cute–and the sound delicious! I love watermelon with feta cheese, so I bet goat would be yummy, too!

  2. Totally agree with Alyssa - watermelon, feta, tomato salads are my JAM in the summertime, so I'm sure this twist will be as delicious! (Although now I'm imagining a little slice of cherry tomato on top instead of the cuke.... mmmm)

  3. There is NO goat cheese in this this a typo?

    1. I had always thought that boursin was derived from goat's milk, but you are right! Sorry for the confusion and I modified the recipe to reflect the correct type of cheese.

  4. Boursin is a cow's milk cheese.

  5. These look so yummy!!!

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  6. I was wondering if Kiwi slices on top would be ok to substitute the cucumber as no one in my home likes cucumbers.