Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{party inspiration: bocce + bro-sé}

One day back when we were in Paris, we were sitting around with a few friends of ours and one of our male friends jokingly referring to his glass of rosé wine as "bro-sé" in an attempt to make the pink liquid seem more manly.  We all thought this was hilarious and joked around about for a little bit until it occurred to me that this idea of "bro-sé" could make for a really fun party in the summer.  Since alliteration makes everything sounds better, I thought a little outdoor get together of bocce + brosé would be the perfect party to throw once the weather warms up.  Similar to the cocktails + croquet party inspiration from here this party would be a simple set up of outdoor games, small fresh bites and lots of rosé (this bottle is one of my all time favorites and you can find it at Whole Foods!)

  Ask all your guy friends to round up their most masculine bottle of rosé to share and you'll whip up a batch of these or these for guests to munch on.  Since you will be outdoors, keep the decor simple with colorful blankets and a handful of signs like this one for the game area.  Even though it's a simple outdoor party, I would still want to don a glamorous summer dress like this one!  Also this image would absolutely have to be used somewhere in relation to the party- perhaps on the invite?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I really want to do this! There's also a new restaurant/bowling alley called Pinstripes opening in Kansas City that has bocce courts and I can't wait to go! They have a couple locations in Chicago, have you ever been?