Friday, May 16, 2014

{friday cocktail: mezcal mule}

I was first introduced to mezcal at downtown Los Angeles' tequila-only bar, Las Perlas, and I definitely did not care for it at first- it tasted as if someone put out their cigar out in my drink.  Over the years I have tried it out in different drinks and now I even prefer it to regular tequila (this is the bottle we keep on our bar currently).   When mixed correctly, I find I appreciate the smokey taste and depth of flavor this interesting spirit adds.  I found this cocktail recipe for a Mezcal Mule in one of my favorite cocktail books that I have mentioned here and actually got the chance to meet the author at during this event.  This cocktail might just the perfect balance of spice and smoke - perfect for a hot summer night fiesta!


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  1. These look amazing! Definitely making them when the weather warms back up!
    Lauren at