Friday, May 23, 2014

{friday cocktail: la flora fizz}

With three more bottles of ginger beer taking up real estate in our fridge after last week's cocktail, I've been inspired to find other uses for the tasty soda.  Today's recipe is based off of a Floradora cocktail which I am almost positive I have ordered and enjoyed at a bar, but I cannot for the life me remember which one (hey- when you are drinking cocktails some memory loss is to be expected right?!).  To save time I chose to simply muddle the raspberries rather than make raspberry syrup and add in ginger beer in the place of soda water and ginger syrup.  This light and refreshing cocktail delivers a slightly sweet yet tart flavor alongside the gentle fizz of the ginger beer perfect for sipping on a patio while gossiping.



  1. Those ice cubes are insane! In the very best of ways!

  2. Do you think this could be made into a batch recipe? Looking for either a gin or whiskey option for my dispenser that guys and gals will love and I want something with some fizz but I worry about the ginger beer going flat. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi there,

      You can definitely make this as a batch cocktail, but I would maybe keep the ginger beer out of the dispenser and have your guests add it to "top up" their drinks after they have poured some from the dispenser.

      Hope that helps!