Friday, April 25, 2014

{friday cocktail: triple pepper margarita}

Next weekend we will be attending a Cinco de Mayo party where each guest brings a batch of margaritas to enter into a contest so I have been brainstorming what recipe we should whip up for the win this year.  Last year we tried to be fancy and brought these, but we didn't win which I will chalk up to the fact that most of the judges were drunk.  My favorite kind of margarita is a classic Tommy's margarita with jalapeƱo muddled in and a spicy paprika salt rim (generally enjoyed in Palm Springs!) so I thought I might try out an even spicier recipe to potentially enter in the contest.  

Working with my fave recipe as a base, I added in muddled red pepper, more jalapeƱos, a pepper garnish including fiery habanero and rimed the glass with home-made lime salt.  I absolutely love how this cocktail turned out, but it occurred to me after a few sips that the spice won't make it a crowd pleaser (aka the champion) so I'll need to think of something else for the contest.  I think we will go off the beaten path with a less traditional margarita and I'll be happy to do all the "research" in the meantime. 



  1. Superb color good idea and looking professional….

  2. What a great flavor combination!! Yum!