Friday, January 24, 2014

{what i loved this week}

on instagram:  I've definitely given up on elbowing my way into H&M collabs since it's just a headache for generally disappointing merch, but I really should have paid more attention to the recent Isabel Marant collection they had because now I'm obsessed with these boots and have been scouring ebay for them!!  Love this layout of having a desk directly behind a couch in a large space.  What a fun and affordable party centerpiece to use honeycomb decorations.  I'm still not over neon installations

on pinterest:  This mid-century cabinet would be perfect to house all our glassware.  A fun use for a ceramic umbrella stand as a planter in simple entryway.

in real life:  I really miss Muji so I sent him a little care package with a new lobster toy from my favorite dog toy brand!

on the blogs:  Even though it's for a kid's party, I love this colorful decor theme- especially the geometric backdrop!  Candied grapefruit sounds amazing and surprisingly easy to make!

on my wishlist:  This one-piece swimsuit is pretty spectacular.  Subtle-y colorful rhinestone earrings from ASOS.  This pineapple lamp from Zara Home is calling my name- I has a great vintage feel to it.  Would love to pick up a few of these brass/acrylic drawer pulls to makeover an old piece of furniture. 

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  1. That swimsuit is pretty amazing!! I love your what I loved this week series! xx

    Genna at Lipstick Crush