Monday, January 20, 2014

{monday morning with: pursuit of shoes}

Today I'm launching a fun little Monday Morning post series featuring some of my favorite bloggers in a casual "virtual coffee chat."  I always love the little tidbits you uncover with friends over drinks (caffeinated or otherwise!) so why not take the edge off every Monday morning and learn a little more about some of the great ladies behind the blogs.

Starting off with a fabulous fashion/shoe blogger (and real-life friend!), Ashley Torres of Pursuit of Shoes ...

what's your drink/cocktail of choice? 
I'll always say yes to a nice glass of champagne. When I'm out to dinner a glass of Syrah or Malbec always does the trick.  If I'm "out out" or just having drinks with friends then my go-to is vodka soda with a splash of St. Germain.

what's the most recent store you shopped at? care to share what you picked up?
Madwell! I'm a sucker for Madewell and can't walk by without taking a peek inside.  I scooped up a new olive green tomboy shirt - it's going to become my new version of chambray!

do you have a signature scent?
I'm actually pursuing signature scents at the moment. In college I was a Gucci Rush girl. Kenzo's flowerbykenzo is one of my faves, but not sure if it's the signature!

what is the top item on your wishlist right now?
Pretty much anything from FORWARD by Elyse Walker.  Honestly, I'm due for a big closet haul, so right now I'm feeling a bit cluttered and not in the mood to shop (crazy, I know!).

what'd you do this past weekend?
Saturday, I met my friend at Pop Physique for a morning workout then ran errands all day. In the evening the BF and I made pizza for dinner then stopped by ShoreBar for a friend's birthday! Sunday was super mellow and lazy, something I never typically do, but it was a day filled with magical TV: NFL playoffs, Golden Globes and Girls! 

where are you or where would you like to travel to next?
The boy and I have been toying with a European getaway. Not sure exactly when or where, but I would love to take him to Mykonos because we absolutely adore exploring beautiful beaches.

what are you currently reading?
Truth: I need to read more. I've been "currently reading" Dear Girls Above Me for about 3 months now… haha!

favorite quote of the moment?

whats your new favorite blog discovery? or whats a great unknown blog you care to share with us?
I've really been getting into food and DIY blogs - trying to get more creative in the kitchen and life. There's not one blog in particular, but I pin all my inspo on Pinterest.

tell us a secret or funny fact about yourself…
I love hippos and sleep with a stuffed hippo named Henriette, Henri for short.


  1. I love Pursuit of Shoes! One of my favorite bloggers!!
    lauren at

  2. love this, great way for me to find new bloggers, off to check her site out!

  3. Oh, yay! Two of my favorite bloggers all wrapped up into one great post. I love this idea, Natalie!


  4. gucci rush!! takes me back. that's a good one.