Friday, January 17, 2014

{friday cocktail: bbq old fashioned}

While trying to hunt down a few cocktail staples in Paris so that we could stock a little mini bar in our apartment with our faves, we came across this great little specialty spirits store in the 6th called LMDW.  In addition to picking up gin for me and whiskey for Chris, we also purchased a mini sample set of bitters from The Bitter End.  I absolutely love bitters gift sets (this one is a great starter set) because they allow you to try different bitters before you commit to the big bottles which could last you for years!  This set comes with 4 different bitters including Chesapeake Bay, Thai, Mole & Memphis BBQ - all of which have a slight spice to them.  We decided to whip up a BBQ old fashioned using the Memphis BBQ bitters.  Mixed with a dash of the traditional angostura bitters, the bbq element adds a fun flavor to your normal old fashioned- perfect for those summer cookouts we are all surely looking forward to!



  1. Looks great! Can you tell me about the glass? Thanks!

    1. This glass is from Zara's home store- I bought it in Paris, but most of the products are available online in the US:

      Hope that helps! :)

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