Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{party inspiration: VS fashion show viewing party}

For years now I have always loved watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion show on TV every holiday season- it's just the epitome of girly silliness plus the musical acts in the past shows have only gotten better and better! Back when we were living in LA, some of my girlfriends and I got together to have a little viewing party for the fashion show with a "sweatpants & jewelry" theme showing up in our comfiest yoga pants, but wearing layers of our most fun jewelry.

In honor of the VS Fashion show taking place this evening and airing in a few weeks, I thought I would put together a little party inspiration board for this exact theme as I am hoping to host this party again this year.  So grab your ladies together for a fun girly night in their chic-est sweats dripping in their most over-the-top baubles!

PS- this post is not sponsored by Victoria's Secret- I really am just that obsessed with watching their fashion show every year! :)


  1. So much sweet fun!


    1. maybe I should change the theme to include your beautiful robes! Half of my girlfriends already have them anyways! :)


  2. Hi there - your blog is great! Can you tell me the name/seller of that little handbag you purchased from Amazon? Looks like the link is broken now :( thank you!