Thursday, November 14, 2013

{new additions}

It's about that time again for a little round up of some new additions around our place and my closet! Check out previous round ups right here.

 {Target has a whole line of jewelry boxes like this one in a variety of patterns and sizes.  This one is the medium sized one of the bunch and I love that the gold is more subtle against some of the more metallic gold pieces in our home}

 {hard to see in the photo, but another great find from Target (seriously so much good home stuff in stores right now!) this glass bottomed black lattice tray.  We previously used a solid white tray from CB2 in this spot, but I really like how this one allows you to see through to the bottom shelf of our coffee table} 

 {while I would loooove to own a Chanel 2.55, the price tag is just insane to me at this point in life.  This purse is a great alternative that I stumbled upon randomly while shopping on Amazon and the affordable price doesn't make me terrified to bring it out of my home-plus its genuine leather! With Amazon's generous return policy I decided it was worth a shot to check it out and I was extremely surprised at how well made this purse is. }

{I am obsessed with bright pink lipstick and finally treated myself to this YSL one I have had my eye on for some time}

 {a vintage cocktail napkin holder my mom found for me in the estate sale wonderland that it california wine country}

{muji's new bowls from C. Wonder. dogs gotta get fancy too right?!?}


  1. Fabulous round up. Love the vintage cocktail napkin holder & purse! Good always inspire me!!!

  2. A very obvious knock-off bag? Why? Makes me sad that you would even promote something like that.

  3. Everything looks amazing! Love the bag - I've been looking for something like & I'm glad you shared one that is good quality. You should Instagram a pic of you with the lipstick & give us the shade! :-)

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