Monday, October 28, 2013

{new office rug + layout}

A few months back I bought these lamps for my office, but they didn't quite fit underneath the shelves in the previous layout.  I loved these lamps so much that rather than return them and find something a few inches shorter, I decided to re-arrange the office to make it work.  You can see the original layout here.  I actually like this layout much better especially since my desk now looks out the window, but the room still didn't feel "finished" yet.

RugsUSA offered to send me any rug of my choice and this completely solved the uncompleted feeling I was experiencing with this room.  It's crazy how much a rug can pull together a room in an instant.  After agonizing over which rug to choose, (see those options in this post) I went with the safe bet on a trellis pattern in creme and deep navy.  This rug is 100% wool so it has a plush feel to it, but it's not too fussy to be inappropriate for the office.  I also figured that if we ever move to another place without a 2nd bedroom then this rug will easily fit it with our decor in other areas of our place (navy has clearly become one of my favorite colors to decorate with after all).

Right now RugsUSA is offering 65% most off their rugs so you can scoop this guy up for less than $200!

{vintage milk glass and frame from Target} 

 {acrylic note cube from The Container Store & Russell + Hazel tape dispenser}


  1. I love how the lamps frame your desk perfectly in that window. The rug color is great and neutral, but the pattern is so interesting! I also low, and will be attempting in my own home, the way you are storing your wrapping paper in an extra vase. How did you get your purses to hang on the wall behind your door? Just 3M Command hooks or something more permanent?

  2. Great rug, and I would have rearranged for those lamps also!
    xo, Lee
    Everyday Fashion

  3. I am loving the new arrangement with the rug! Great choice. Plus all the small gold accents intermittently placed around are so glamorous. Gorgeous!

  4. Awesome décor...not to mention Muji fits right in.

  5. Awesome, This trellis rug is looking beautiful and doggy is so cute!