Friday, October 4, 2013

{friday cocktail: party size french 75}

For the last few dinner parties we have hosted at our place, we have whipped up batches of one or two different cocktails to serve alongside the appetizers.  While it forces people into less options for their drink (we also have the normal wine/beer options), I have found that it actually gets people drinking more cocktails than if we are mixing them one by one.  I think the reason for this is that most people rarely mix cocktails at home so they view it as an imposition and extra work to have the host mix them one.

I have featured batch recipes here before in this post or this post and since a French 75 is one of my favorite champagne cocktails I really wanted to try it out at our next gathering.  Each time I make a batch cocktail recipe I keep thinking this is going to be the one that just doesn't work when made in large portions, but every time I am proven wrong.  This batch of French 75 was no different and tastes just as good as a hand crafted single serving.  It would be a great option for your next ladies night or boozy brunch.



  1. Ooo yum! I love a good champagne cocktail!!
    Lauren at www.lakeshorelady

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  2. Love the cute bottle stopper!