Monday, September 16, 2013

{vegan blackberry fig coconut ice cream}

I've never really been one of those people that opts for the "guilt-free" option when it comes to dessert- I would rather just have a smaller portion of the full-on decadent version than the watered down, fat or sugar free impostor.  This philosophy is pretty much mandatory when it comes to ice cream.  Unless of course you can find a healthy of guilt-free option that tastes so good it makes you forget that you are missing out on things like full fat heavy whipping cream, but I don't know many ice creams like that...

Enter this recipe for Blackberry Fig Coconut vegan ice cream- another fabulous pinterest find!  Using coconut milk and honey in the place of a traditional custard ice cream base.  The resulting ice cream isn't as rich in its texture as regular ice cream- I would equate it more like a creamy sorbet.  But what it lacks in custard texture it more than makes up for in flavor with a tartness from the blackberry and sweetness from the coconut.  The fig rounds out the coconut flavor from making the whole thing taste too tropical (blackberry pina colada anyone?).  It could quite possibly be the perfect summer to fall transitional ice cream if there ever was such a category?  If you don't already have an ice cream maker, I highly recommend this one.


  1. YUM. With all of those flavors you really can't go wrong.

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  3. I Love it!! Never made them yet, but would love to someday! Thanks for a great sharing! xxoo