Monday, September 16, 2013

{new touch faucet from Delta Faucet}

Today I have the third and final post in my Inspired Living series with Delta Faucet.  Over the weekend, Chris and I installed the new Touch2O faucet that Delta sent over to us- and if it was already clear... when I say "we" installed it what I mean is Chris did all the work and I "supervised."  Faucets are actually surprisingly easy to put in- especially this one since it doesn't need any plumbers caulk.

While the before and after photos might some not seem that drastic, our daily interaction with the sink is significantly improved.  I cannot even explain to you how nice it is to simply touch anywhere on the faucet and have it turn on.  When we are prepping for dinner parties at our place we always make sure the kitchen looks somewhat presentable by the time guests arrive, but in the time leading up to the party it gets pretty messy.  Having the ability to turn on the faucet by tapping the side with my arm or the back of my hand when my hands are dirty from cooking is pretty amazing.  I am also pretty in love with the dramatic profile of the new faucet in comparison to our previous one- I feel like it elevates the look of the entire kitchen!

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