Friday, September 13, 2013

{friday cocktail: the billionaire}

This friday I have another amazing cocktail from my new favorite bar book.  I have flagged almost every page of this book, but unfortunately most of these cocktails need some serious searching to get all the ingredients.  While I'm not usually big on buying novelty or obscure liquors for our bar, I was willing to purchase these rare absinthe bitters for this recipe since I thought they might actually get some use in future cocktails around our place.  Just like the last cocktail I made from this book, this one did not disappoint in flavor, but it is definitely very sweet from the rich cane syrup & grenadine.  If you were wondering about the recipe's title, the name is loosely derived from a classic cocktail called the Millionaire.



  1. yum! this sounds delicious! and that book looks awesome

  2. Wow, sounds delicious! And I think our bar has everything to make it--thanks! :)