Thursday, September 12, 2013

{diy venetian lace robe}

I have been coveting this amazing robe by Stone Cold Fox forever so when I came across an incredible selection of venetian lace on a recent trip to the downtown Los Angeles fashion district, I just knew I had to try my hand at making one for myself.  A yard and half of this ivory venetian lace, this ivory kimono robe and some white thread is all you need to make this for yourself.

The addition of this intricate lace to a simple luxe silk robe gives it fun romantic-bohemian feel- perfect for a lightweight cover up for lounging in on the weekends.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this project turned out to be taking only about an hour from start to finish.  These robes would make for a perfect bridal robe on your big day or you could attach the lace to a fun printed robe for your bridesmaids. Directions for this DIY at the bottom of the post.

{I also picked up some black lace to add to a black version of the kimono robe that I already own} 

{pinning is a must when working with slippery silk fabric} 

 {make sure to set your stitches as wide as possible- you will risk snagging the silk with too tight of a stitch}

{breakfast in bed with muji}

what you need:
  • 3/4 sleeve kimono robe (this would be a fun printed alternative)
  • 1.5 yards of Venetian lace- preferably something 4 inches wide or more (I bought mine from this company which is my favorite place for ribbon & trims- you can call them if you are not local to LA and they will ship anywhere! 
  • corresponding thread 
  • sewing needle
  1. Cut the lace to the diameter of the kimono sleeve
  2. Pin lave on top of sleeve- use lots of pins as it will save you later from making a mistake or attaching the lace unevenly
  3. Using your sewing machine sew a wide stitch simple sew right on top of the lace attaching it to the silk sleeve. Trim any loose threads. note: if you do not have a sewing machine you can certainly hand-stitch the entire piece of lace to attach it to the sleeve using a running stitch.
  4. Hand- sew the ends where the lace meets by using a simple Overcast stitch.
  5. Enjoy your fabulous robe. 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, what a wonderful DIY -love!

    Clothed in Confetti

  2. OMG!! This is amazing. I have this robe in light blue that I got for my wedding, had no idea it came in so many colors. Thank you, I want to buy a sewing machine just for this one purpose!

  3. Super duper wow! It's bridal room-perfect! Thank you so much for this DIY tip. I want Venetian lace on all my kimono robes!:) More kimono robe to love.=)

  4. I love this idea. What was the width of the lace you used and what store did you get it from? I might have to try this out!

    1. I bought it at a store in the fabric district of downtown Los Angeles called Target Trim - it is about 10 inches wide from the very tip to the edge.

      Hope that helps!


  5. I love this idea! What was the width of the lace you found and what's the name of the store you found it at? I am going to try this out!