Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{brunch appetizer}

I really love appetizers- so much so that I would almost prefer to order exclusively from the appetizer menu when out at a restaurant.   Appetizers allow chefs to experiment a little more with flavor combinations since patrons will only have a bite or two of the dish which means they tend to be more interesting while not being a huge investment in terms of what you eat over the course fo a whole meal.  Breakfast and even brunch really get the short end of the stick as far as appetizers are concerned.  Brunch might have some amazing cocktails dedicated solely the specific meal/time of day, but there is no such thing as a brunch appetizer menu and that generally disappoints me.  

We have had some houseguests this summer which got me thinking about easy appetizer ideas for Sunday brunch.  Since we are talking about the first meal of the day (potentially before you have even have coffee aka the time of the day when simple tasks are too much to comprehend) I wanted to think of something easy that could be mostly prepared ahead of time.  I ended up creating these mini yogurt/granola cups inspired by my favorite morning room service order.  The yogurt and cute signs are prepared the day or night before then the morning of before your guests drag themselves out of bed, you simply top the cups with granola and fresh berries as well as mini spoon.  Find a similar set of the mini glass containers I used right here.  Obviously this isn't the type of thing you would prepare for the random friend that drinks too much and falls asleep on your couch after a party, but it is a nice dish to prepare for those extra special house guests! 

{my favorite mini spoons for appetizers from here

 {the secret to not making a mess trying to get yogurt into mini containers- a little squeeze bottle.  the mini containers are home Home Goods- you can find similar ones right here}

 {more than half of the work is done the night before and ready in the fridge! and yes- our fridge is pretty empty right now since I have been travelling so much. dont judge.}


  1. These are darling. What a nice way to serve something so simple. What font did you use for the flags? It's darling.

  2. These are adorable! Such an easy little brunch idea!