Friday, June 14, 2013

{what i loved this week}

on instagram: I discovered this launch of Bliss & Bone's wedding paper goods concept via Instagram recently and I am obsessed with their entire site.  Can someone please tell me if they know of a roller rink in the Chicago area- I got so excited with I saw Corri (a chi-town lady) was at a rink, but then I discovered she was in NYC :(   Loving all the paper goods I picked up for Palm Springs at Target & Ikea. 

on pinterest:  Not sure about the logistics of this or how it affects the pool filter, but balloons filled with water to look like pool confetti would be amazing for any outdoor party!  Love the idea of serving tiny salads at our next party-sometimes guests want something a little lighter. 

in real life:  We are out in Palm Springs this weekend with friends listening to this playlist.

on the blogs:  If you want to get a peak at the amazing studio where I get to work during the week, we just posted a little tour over on the Bliss Blog.  Lauren has such amazing ideas- how great are these hand made floral envelopes with contrasting floral liners?!?!

on my wishlist:  After buying this Zara skirt and wearing it to death over the past couple weeks, I think I should definitely add another dark floral pattern to my closet in the form of this ASOS dress.  Summer is here and I would love to invest in some proper copper mugs for Moscow Mules.  Even Muji has needs- this chic dog bowl would be a nice upgrade to his current dishes. 


  1. I love your Friday recap, it's one of my favs to read!

    1. Hi Bri!

      Thanks so much for saying that! I really enjoy writing it every week! :)


  2. thanks for sharing natalie! hope you are having a blast in ps. sooo jealous!