Friday, May 31, 2013

{what i loved this week}

on instagram:  Sometimes Ikea just gets it sooo right- these chaises that @sarahshermansamuel picked up for her cabin are fab! I would love them with a black/white striped cushion.  I picked up two new summer nail colors: Essie's Boom Boom Room & Tart Deco.  Everything in the @betches instagram feed makes me laugh out loud especially this one

on pinterest:  I just imagine this Persion love cake to be light and airy, but full of flavor- I guess I should make to actually find out.  I love the idea of setting up a refined taco bar for a summer outdoor gathering (especially since it frees up the hosts so much!).

on the blogs:  I am a total sucker for free printables- this simple birthday set from Tom Kat Studio could easily be used for a variety of occasions. 

in real life:  For the past three years I have scooped up a 4th of July theme bikini from Target so I guess I started myself a new little tradition- how can you beat the price of this one!

on the internets:  While I am still undecided on how I feel about the new Daft Punk album overall, I definitely love the remixes and covers that have been popping up based off it especially the MJ mash ups here and the acoustic Daughter version of "Get Lucky" here

on my wishlist:  This romper is somehow both playful and sexy.  This iphone case is so perfect for those nights out when you want to keep your belongings to a minimum.  Free People's lace kaftan really needs to be living in my beach bag, but the price it a bit too much for me.  This unique ring holder would be a fun nightstand accessory. 

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  1. Hey Natalie!
    My name is Lisa & I work with your dad, Bill, at the winery. We were chatting about his kitchen makeover & then got into talking about party/crafty stuff. He told me about you & to check out your blog. Love it & I will definitely add it to my feed! He is one proud papa ;) Have a great day!